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Toon Blast – Learn The Tips To Boost Up Your Progress Speed!

Toon Blast is the most famous puzzle game where you need to complete the different levels by removing the rainbow. The game with addictive stuff has been developed by Peak Games. Before start playing the game, you need to get advice from experts to perform better. In this game, the different levels are available that you need to complete smartly to win rewards. You can make boosters as well as power-ups by matching the tiles. Focus on the game while playing it in order to be a superior player in no time.

Learn how to level up faster and reach the advanced stages where you will face many difficulties. Try to solve the difficult levels quickly to get good rewards. The main motive of the players is to complete objectives to reach the top of the leaderboard.

Make the right use of Boosters

Boosters are really important in the game, which can be used to complete a particular level faster. You should understand the importance of boosters before you start using them. The boosters have great importance in the game because it helps to clear the board in a quick manner. You can get these boosters with the help of opening toon and star chests. And that’s why you should make the right use of boosters.  If you are unable to complete a level due to lots of difficulties, then you should use the boosters.

Try to get the best out of boosters while completing different levels in the game to move forward. By making the smart use of boosters, players can get numerous benefits and reach the advanced stages of the game in no time.

Try to reach level 15

Most of the beginners are facing several issues while playing the game. They should learn how to reach level 15 faster because it helps players to get several advantages. With the help of reaching level 15, players can unlock star chest. First of all, try to unlock the star chest and then make efforts to earn three stars at every level. Without reaching level 15, you shouldn’t waste your time to collect lots of stars. Well, it is a vital tip that players need to keep in mind to beat the difficult stages. Beginners should always consider this tip to reduce several issues. 

After reaching level 15, you can start collecting stars that you can use in the best possible way. It is also important to consider some other tips and tricks while playing the game.

Other tips

As you know, completing the level will help you to unlock the next one. When it comes to complete a level, you need to clear the board, which is little tricky. With the help of combining the tiles, you can clear the board. You can also create a rocket and bomb by matching some specific tiles. By combing the five tiles of the same color, you can create a rocket, whereas the nine tiles of the same color will help to create a disco ball. With the help of using these special tiles, you can complete a level quickly.